The Significance of Weather Monitoring in Agriculture

We’re all worried about the weather. We not only desire for bright, sunny days so that we may go swimming, enjoy nature, or carry out necessary agricultural tasks, but we also occasionally wish for rain so that the plants can be just watered or so that we can dance with umbrellas on the puddled streets. […]

Utilizing Innovative Methods And Technologies To Cut Post-Harvest Losses

Concerns over future food security are growing as a result of environmental burdens and population growth around the world. On the other hand, a lot of crops are thrown away after harvest without being used. The major causes of post harvest loss in poor nations are a lack of resources and technology for food distribution, […]

No respite, retail tomato price further shoots up to Rs 162/kg

Synopsis A maximum rate of Rs 162 per kg was quoted in Shahjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh, while the minimum rate was Rs 31 per kg in Churu district of Rajasthan, the data showed. Tomato prices remained high in other cities in the country as well. Consumers continue to see red due to pricier tomatoes as […]

Farming Transformation: The Role of Digital

For almost a decade, “digital transformation” has been the talk of the agri-food industry. It has made it possible for both corporate and public organisations to use advances in digital technology to rework procedures and find new business models. The word “digital” does not, however, have the same meaning to everyone at every level of […]

Application, benefits, and drawbacks of drip irrigation

Drip irrigation is the most efficient method of delivering water and nutrients to crops. It provides water and nutrients straight to the root zone of the plant in the proper amounts and at the right time, ensuring that each plant receives exactly what it requires, when it requires it, to grow effectively. Farmers can increase […]

Top 5 Agriculture Innovations for 2023

It’s time for today’s farmers to take advantage of the burgeoning agritech sector’s potential to enhance decision-making, production, market access, and investment prospects. If your farming isn’t becoming smarter, you’re falling behind. The use of smart farming technologies enables producers and growers to maximise the potential of their agricultural activities. This article examines 5 technology […]

Using digital seed marketing to boost profits

Due to the increasing global population, enhancing food security is a top issue for all countries. Quality seeds are the most important component of agricultural production and the most economical way to increase agricultural output and food security. The genetic potential of employed seeds and seed breeding have a direct impact on how effective other […]

Eliminating the Seed of Uncertainty in Agriculture with Artificial Intelligence

Can you think of a sector that entails more risk than agriculture? They claim that you get what you sow. Yet, they omit to include the phrase “if you’re lucky.” Farmers find it difficult to discuss yields when bad weather occurs or crops become ill. Or when a pandemic strikes the world, managing different procedures […]

How to improve agribusiness best practises with AI, IoT, and automation

There will be 9.7 billion people on the planet by 2050, and there will be a 70% increase in food demand. An key problem facing the food industry is how to increase production in a sustainable way to fulfil the needs of the rapidly expanding population. Using intelligent technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), internet of […]

Tea producers call for all stakeholders to ensure industry’s resilience and growth

Synopsis TAI representing tea producers in Assam & West Bengal, is concerned by the pressing challenges faced in the current season by the tea industry in these regions. The Tea Association of India (TAI), representing tea producers in Assam & West Bengal felt that adverse climate conditions, subdued international and domestic markets, and their profound impact on the industry […]