India has launched its first Agricultural Data Exchange (ADeX) and Agricultural Data Management Framework (ADMF) in collaboration with the Telangana Government, the World Economic Forum, and the Indian Institute of Science. The initiatives aim to boost the data economy specifically for the agricultural sector.

Telangana Minister for IT and Industry KT Rama Rao on Friday launched India’s first Agricultural Data Exchange (ADeX) and Agriculture Data Management Framework (ADMF). An official release said that developed as a digital public infrastructure (DPI) for the agriculture sector, the ADeX is a collaboration between the Telangana Government, the World Economic Forum, and the Indian Institute of Science.

“Both ADeX and ADMF provide the right platform to ensure fair and efficient usage of agricultural data by the industry and startups and provide a big boost to the data economy specifically in the art sector. These initiatives help Telangana lead the country from the front in using innovation and technology to drive food systems transformation and improve the livelihoods of farmers,” the minister said.

In Phase I of the project, the ADeX Platform is currently deployed in Khammam district and will be expanded to the entire State over a period.

The software platform facilitates the secure, standards-based exchange of data between agricultural data users such as agri application developers and agricultural data providers (Government Agencies, Private Companies, NGOs, Universities, etc), it said.

ADMF has been developed after extensive public and industry consultations on the crucial aspects of data protection, management, and innovation.

Informed by domestic laws and regulations and converging global best practices, ADMF is an agile, forward-looking framework, to facilitate consent-based responsible data sharing, the release said.

ADMF applies to all government departments dealing with agricultural activities as well as all agriculture information users and providers, it added.


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