Chilli prices set to rise again on festive demand and scanty rainfall, despite improved sowing

Traders have not been selling the chilli stock at lower rates and are hoping that domestic demand will shore up the prices a little and that exports to China will improve this year. Red chilli prices, which have dropped from the peak levels in last March, could see another spike on higher festival season demand […]

Tea auction system not helping in optimum price discovery in N India: CTTA

The Bharat auction system was introduced in Kolkata, Guwahati and Siliguri from April this year replacing old the English auction system. Tea producers have opined that the new Bharat auction system introduced in North India from April this year is not helping in the discovery of optimum prices of the brew. According to Tea Board […]

The best foods to strengthen your immune system

Your diet has a big impact on how strong your immune system is. Your body’s health and strength are maintained by a robust immune system. And certainly, regular exercise does help you avoid disease and infections. But, when it comes to good nutrition, people often forget to include nutrient-rich foods in their daily meals. You […]

Crop Types – India’s Rabi and Kharif Crop Seasons

India has agricultural crops that vary with the seasons and require specific climatic conditions and an appropriate atmosphere to grow. The weather makes a significant difference between Rabi and Kharif crops. Kharif and Rabi are two crops grown primarily in Asian countries during the monsoon season. While the cropping season for Kharif crops begins when […]

Indian agro-chemical industry can grow over 9 per cent notwithstanding Chinese competition: Niti Aayog

Synopsis Chand also observed that many Western countries are shifting from agrochemicals to biopesticides and the Indian industry needs to pay attention to this aspect. He urged the Agro Chem Federation of India (ACFI) to come out with a document on ease of doing business in agrochemicals. The Niti Aayog member was addressing a panel […]

Types of Urban Agriculture in India

Types of Urban Agriculture in India Urban agriculture reconnects with agribusiness, offers fresh food, and integrates into the ecological system and urban economy. Additionally, it aids a community by enhancing its ability to withstand climate change and creating green space. Urban agriculture encompasses a broad range of activities, from raising fish and poultry to growing […]

Rajasthan govt to boost organic farming, provide subsidies to farmers

The state government will also set up an organic products mart in Jaipur and Jodhpur at a cost of around Rs 100 crore One look at a farm and you know whether it’s organic or conventional. Biological pest control, mixed cropping and the fostering of insect predators are encouraged in an organic farm To boost […]

India hopes September rains to clear the cloud over food supplies and likely rein in price spikes

Synopsis India’s food ministry has said that the forecast for rain in the country this month should limit damage to crops, ensuring sufficient supplies. Rising food prices have been a major concern for the government, leading to restrictions on rice exports and the sale of state reserves. Wheat supplies are also sufficient, and the government […]

The Significance of Weather Monitoring in Agriculture

We are all concerned about the weather. Not only do we wish for warm, sunny weather so that we can swim, enjoy nature, or carry out important farm tasks, but we also wish for rain so that we can water the plants or dance with an umbrella on the wet street. However, unlike in other […]

Supreme Court rejects centre’s plea to go ahead with release of GM mustard

Synopsis The Supreme Court has refused the Indian government’s request to proceed with the environmental release of genetically modified (GM) mustard. The court stated that the impact on the environment and ecology needs to be thoroughly examined. The additional solicitor general argued that allowing the release would have significant policy implications for food security, as […]