Telangana govt launches ‘Saagu-Baagu’ to promote innovation in agriculture, horticulture

Taking one more step towards the launch of ‘Saagu-Baagu’ project that would revolutionise agriculture in Telangana, the State government has released an Expression of Interest (EoI) for selection of Project Implementation Partners (PIPs) which will build consortia and deploy a bouquet of solutions from several startups and tech-focused organisations, to establish proof of value and […]

Aatmanirbhar in agriculture will require incentives for export of high-value agri-produce

On the agri-imports front, the biggest item is edible oils — worth about $10 billion (more than 15 mt). This is where there is a need to create “aatma nirbharta”, not by levying high import duties, but by creating a competitive advantage through augmenting productivity and increasing the recovery ratio of oil from oilseeds. With […]

Kharif sowing 88% higher than last year; here’s why this season is faring better than last one

Amid all the mayhem due to coronavirus pandemic, kharif crop sowing so far has beaten last year’s figures with the total acreage as of 3rd July 2020 being 88% higher than the comparable period last year. Amid all the mayhem due to coronavirus pandemic, kharif crop sowing so far has beaten last year’s figures with […]

Teji Mandi: As monsoon arrives in India, agriculture sector likely to improve

Market has moved on. Who can say this is the same market that was tipped to go as low as 3,000 a couple of months back. The recovery has several threats attached to it but in today’s edition, we are just celebrating the green shoots that are appearing. Indian market is looking up and running […]

India-Israel project seeks to help farmers use water and energy more efficiently

According to experts, subsidised electricity in the agricultural sector has often led to over utilisation of groundwater as farmers avoid metering their pumps. In a bid to prevent depletion of the water table during agriculture, the governments of Israel and India, along with Pune-based BAIF Development and Research Foundation (BDRF) and other educational and research […]

Rural economy: Capacity building should be the focus at this time of free trade, writes MCDC officials

During the initial phases of lockdown, when farmer groups from the interior of Maharashtra visited housing societies in Mumbai and Pune for the supply of fresh fruits and vegetables, overwhelmed residents greeted them with smiles and a sense of relief. With the President of India promulgating ‘The Farming Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation)’ […]

Amid Pandemic Scare, Monsoon Showers Bring Smile to Paddy Farmers in Bihar

After years of deficient rainfall and floods due to heavy rainfall last year, the timely monsoon rains have resulted in paddy sowing on a large scale across the state. Patna:While the fear of COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow in the country, Dhananjay Singh and Kameshwar Rai, both marginal farmers from Bihar, have had some relief after they completed paddy sowing by […]

Promoting Startups in Agriculture

Agriculture in India has shown an increase in its average agricultural output (per hectare), in last 60 years and thisis adding to the growth in total output.The increase in agricultural productivity is directly related to India’s green revolution mission, developed infrastructure of road and power generation, management of Agri-inputs and supply chain, knowledge of Agri-processes […]

Review farm sector-related ordinances: Punjab CM to Modi

NEW DELHI: Punjab chief minister Amarinder Singh on Monday wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighting the need to review three farm sector-related ordinances cleared by the Union Cabinet this month. Singh has said the review should be made on the grounds of interests of farmers and in the ‘spirit’ of cooperative federalism where states […]

Punjab looks at crop diversification, mechanisation to boost agriculture

NEW DELHI: Amid labour shortage caused by the coronavirus-related curbs, Punjab plans to focus on crop diversification and have more mechanisation options including use of technology as sowing of kharif crops has started in the northern state . The state’s push for crop diversification – not only to deal with labour shortage but to improve […]