Tea producers call for all stakeholders to ensure industry’s resilience and growth

Tea producers call for all stakeholders to ensure industry's resilience and growth


TAI representing tea producers in Assam & West Bengal, is concerned by the pressing challenges faced in the current season by the tea industry in these regions.

The Tea Association of India (TAI), representing tea producers in Assam & West Bengal felt that adverse climate conditions, subdued international and domestic markets, and their profound impact on the industry call for collective action and collaboration from all stakeholders to ensure its resilience and growth.

TAI representing tea producers in Assam & West Bengal, is concerned by the pressing challenges faced in the current season by the tea industry in these regions.

The tea industry in Assam and North Bengal is grappling with the detrimental effects of climate change. Erratic weather patterns, extreme temperatures, and insufficient rainfall have severely affected both the quantity and quality of tea production. The changing climate poses significant challenges to the sustainability and productivity of tea gardens, necessitating immediate measures to adapt and mitigate its impact.

In addition to climate challenges, the industry is facing subdued demand in both international and domestic markets. Factors such as the oversupply of tea in the global market and shifting consumer preferences have contributed to the weakened demand for tea from Assam and North Bengal. It is imperative that we work collectively to explore new market opportunities, promote the unique qualities of our teas, and address any regulatory barriers that hinder trade.

Ajay Jalan, President, Tea Association of India stated “All stakeholders, including tea producers, industry leaders, retailers, government bodies, and experts, to come together and collaborate on finding innovative solutions. We must prioritize sustainable practices, diversification of markets, and the development of adaptive strategies to overcome these challenges. By fostering an inclusive dialogue and sharing best practices, we can ensure the long-term sustainability of the tea industry and the livelihoods of those dependent on it.”

Prabir Bhattacharya, General Secretary, TAI said,“The Tea Association of India remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting and advocating for the tea industry in Assam and North Bengal. We will actively engage with government authorities, industry partners, and other stakeholders to address the critical issues at hand. Through focused initiatives, research, and partnerships, we aim to foster a conducive environment for the growth and prosperity of the tea industry.”

He further said : “We call upon the respective state governments, policymakers, market participants, and consumers to join hands in supporting the tea industry during these challenging times. Together, we can navigate the complexities, unlock opportunities, and build a sustainable and resilient future for Assam and North Bengal teas.”

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