Modern agritech companies are using technology to optimize the supply chain, especially the inbound supply chain, and remove many inefficiencies. By connecting them to online marketplaces, the producers were able to use their products to the fullest extent possible, enhance the reach of their agricultural products, and increase sales by exposing them to a big clientele. Agritech also made it possible for items to be graded, brought online tracking and labeling into the supply chain, and minimized leakages, damages, and losses during transportation through a much more effective supply chain.

The agritech players in this region not only established new financial channels but also enhanced yields through data, real-time crop monitoring, analytics, digitization, crop and soil health, and weather forecasts for better strategies, ultimately leading to more profitability and less waste.

Because of the tremendous growth potential, the KisanSabha platform was created to help farmers receive their fair share of benefits. 

With a modest beginning in 2020 and recognition as The Most Valuable Agritech Venture launched by CSIR in 2022, we are honored to have served the agritech industry for two glorious years. Agribusinesses have found remarkable success by connecting and trading with trustworthy counterparties through KisanSabha.

KisanSabha has always had a social objective, inspired by the producers’ desire to share products and earnings with local groups and make it available to all. That is still our goal today, and we achieve it using digital technologies, which is how most people communicate these days. Every day, farmers and market hub executives from our agriculture community markets provide ideas to improve our technique.

Managing multiple farmers’ markets, and creating a smooth, streamlined, and easy alternative to connect directly with customers KisanSabha is dedicated to farmers, mandi dealers, transporters, mandi board members, service providers, and consumers, respectively. . It aims to benefit all stakeholders throughout the value chain while focusing on farmers

As the KisanSabha app marks its second anniversary, we are pleased to acknowledge that our goal of revolutionizing the agritech sector has brought joy to countless numbers of people. We believe that digital technology will fuel the future of farmer profitability and market access, and we work every day to make that technology as simple and effective for customers and producers alike.

It takes a village, a state, and a network of interconnected agro communities across the country to realize our vision of strong local food economies. With the press of a button, anybody can participate in reinvigorating our connection to our neighboring stakeholders’ communities.

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