Managing Organic Soil in Farming

One of the most difficult challenges for organic farms is regulating soil fertility. To measure soil fertility, one must consider the soil’s physical condition, biological “health,” and nutrient concentration. Organic farming aims to build or at least sustain soil nutrient reserves while also maximising nutrient recycling and minimising outside inputs. Only experienced management may reconcile […]

PM-Kisan instalments may be increased by one tranche

While there has been no proposal yet on the government leveraging its savings under the PM Kisan Yojana, it does make room to increase the number of payment instalments. An increase in PM-Kisan instalments by one more tranche is likely in the offing, CNBC-TV18 reported quoting sources. However, the inclusion of landless farmers in the […]

Jammu and Kashmir authorities plan revival of aromatic rice Mushk Budji, expand cultivation to 5,000 hectares

Synopsis The cultivation area of the indigenous aromatic rice variety, Mushk Budji, from Kashmir is set to expand to 5,000 hectares in the next three years. This variety of rice was on the verge of extinction due to disease susceptibility and poor yield potential. However, efforts by the agriculture department and Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural […]

IZA calls for integration of micronutrients in Indian agriculture industry

With India’s consumption of micro-nutrients in the agriculture sector remaining below the global average, the International Zinc Association (IZA) on Thursday called for the integration of micro-nutrients in agri-practices to produce nutrition-rich crops. Recently, there has been a shift in Indian consumer preferences towards healthier food options that can aid in maintaining and improving health. […]

Leverage derivative markets to ensure MSP delivery to farmers

Leveraging derivative markets to deliver the MSP to Indian farmers is a transformative approach that can potentially mitigate the challenges associated with price volatility and income stability in the agricultural sector. The minimum support price (MSP) has long been a cornerstone of India’s agricultural policy, designed to provide price stability and income security to farmers […]

Govt implements minimum price for raw jute following bumper production

The government on Thursday fixed the minimum price for jute following reports that farmers are facing losses due to bumper crop of the golden fibre.In a notification, the Jute Commissioner said the minimum price has been fixed at Rs 5,050 per quintal at the farm level and Rs 5,500 per quintal for deliveries in Kolkata. […]

9 Stunning Health Benefits Of Broccoli You Must Know

Plants provide sustenance and include important vitamins and minerals. Broccoli, a plant-based vegetable, is specifically regarded as a superfood because of its numerous health benefits. The scientific name for broccoli is Brassica oleracea. Broccoli is an edible green plant in the cabbage family that produces a large flowering head, stalk, and a few accompanying leaves […]

Green Gold: How vegetable farming can bolster India’s economic health

Synopsis Vegetable farming in India has the potential to boost the country’s GDP and overall economic health. With shorter growth cycles, multiple harvests, and higher profit margins, vegetable farming offers advantages over traditional field crops. The rising demand for fresh and nutritious vegetables, both domestically and internationally, presents export opportunities. Vegetable farming also promotes sustainability, […]

Changes to fix crop estimate error soon

 The government will deploy field verification and remote sensing in the agricultural system across the country to get better crop production estimates after traders spotted a 10 million-tonne hole in wheat projections. The government was criticized for its unrealistic wheat crop production estimates for the 2023-24 (October-March) crop year. While the agriculture ministry estimated wheat […]

Maharastra farmers destroying tomato crops as prices fall from Rs 200 a month ago to just Rs 2-3 per kg

Synopsis Tomato prices in Maharashtra, India, have dropped dramatically from Rs 200 per kilogram to as low as Rs 3-5 per kilogram, causing significant losses for tomato growers. The sudden decline in prices was due to an unexpectedly high tomato yield. Many farmers are abandoning their crops or destroying their produce as they cannot recover […]