Managing Organic Soil in Farming

One of the most difficult challenges for organic farms is regulating soil fertility. To measure soil fertility, one must consider the soil’s physical condition, biological “health,” and nutrient concentration. Organic farming aims to build or at least sustain soil nutrient reserves while also maximising nutrient recycling and minimising outside inputs. Only experienced management may reconcile […]

The Significance of Weather Monitoring in Agriculture

We are all concerned about the weather. Not only do we wish for warm, sunny weather so that we can swim, enjoy nature, or carry out important farm tasks, but we also wish for rain so that we can water the plants or dance with an umbrella on the wet street. However, unlike in other […]

Almonds: Sustainability, Farming, and Health

Since they have been consumed and raised for so long, almonds have come to represent many different historical cultures. Almonds were traditionally given as wedding gifts in ancient Rome as a fertility symbol. The almond tree is used as a metaphor for the eye of God as well as other things like cleanliness in the […]