Centre Approves Rs 206.8 crore for Implementation of Agriculture Export Policy Scheme

The Indian government has approved a sum of Rs 206.8 crore for a Central Sector Scheme named ‘Implementation of Agriculture Export Policy’ that aims to double farmers’ income by the year 2022. The government through a notification informed that “It has approved a Central Sector Scheme ‘Implementation of Agriculture Export Policy’”. Of the total amount, […]

Uniform Yardstick Needed for Farm Credit

‘Scale of finance’, a measure of loans permissible per acre per crop, varies across districts, causing confusion. It must be harmonised The Modi government had rolled out an innovative loan scheme for farmers engaged in animal husbandry and fisheries in February 2019. The scheme was to provide short-term loans for activities such as dairy farming, […]

Karnataka Government Extends Deadline to Repay Farm Loan Dues

If farmers have overdue interests above Rs 1 lakh in cooperative banks, repayment of the same before July 31, 2019, will make them eligible for a farm loan waiver up to Rs 1 lakh. BENGALURU: With the farm loan waiver costing much less than initial estimates and banks seeking an extension for repayment of interests and […]

Centre Allocates Rs 75,000 cr for PM-KISAN to Cover 145 Million Farmers

Nirmala Sitharaman has allocated Rs 12,000 crore less in the Budget for the financial year 2019-20 towards the government’s flagship income support scheme — PM-Kisan– that has been extended to cover all Nirmala Sitharaman has allocated Rs 12,000 crore less in the Budget for the financial year 2019-20 towards the government’s flagship income support scheme, […]

5 MSME schemes for reviving traditional industries and rural entrepreneurship

India has a rich history of rural entrepreneurship in traditional industries such as coir, khadi, bamboo, cane, and more. Government bodies such as the MSME Ministry have been running various schemes to support and grow these industries. These schemes range from providing collateral-free credit and access to incubation centres to better equipment and employment opportunities […]

Solar Irrigation Can Transform Rural India

Grid-connected solar irrigation offers farmers an additional income source, and if priced attractively, can reduce water draws The season of election promises is over, arguments have been won and lost on the hustings, but the problems are waiting to be solved. Agrarian distress is real and persisting, water is growing into an ever bigger human […]

Telangana to spend Rs 32,000 crore on farm loan waiver

HIGHLIGHTS Telangana is set to spend Rs 32,000 crore on farm loan waiver this season — the highest-ever amount to be incurred on this count by any state in the country Though Maharashtra, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh have given much higher estimated costs on loan waiver, their actual allocation has always been less, whereas Telangana’s […]

How Union Budget Can Aim to Double Farm Income by 2022

New Delhi: In one of its first decisions after taking office on 30 May, the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government extended its income support scheme for all farmers, regardless of the size of their landholding. Fulfilling this election promise will cost an estimated ₹90,000 crore every year. With the Union budget coming up on 5 July, attention […]

Krishi Kiosk Launched

Haryana Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare Minister, Om Prakash Dhankar on Friday launched Krishi Kiosk at Panchkula near here to start Digital Kisan Suvidha for facilitating the farmers. Through this Kiosk, the farmers will not only be able to get information about the schemes of the Department, but the formalities related to claims  to Pradhan Mantri […]

Submit applications to get subsidy on farm machinery by June 30

Ludhiana: To ensure that farmers do not pollute the environment by burning the paddy straw, the agriculture and farmers’ welfare department, Punjab, has started a scheme where subsidy will be given to farmers on farm machinery used for managing paddy straw.While providing information, Dr Baldev Singh, Chief Agriculture Officer (CAO), Ludhiana, said like last year, […]