Why is Agricultural Technology Important?

When machinery was utilized to boost agricultural and animal yields during the Industrial Revolution, the field of agriculture, sometimes known as agri-tech, was born. It has endured as one of the biggest achievements in human history and served as a breakthrough to soothe the thronging world population, which is predicted to reach 9.7 billion people […]

Analyzing the Advantages and Disadvantages of Mixed Farming

Farmers have created cutting-edge methods for maximising their productivity and space. Making the most available resources may involve raising crops and cattle simultaneously or using one land for two crops. Each technique, however, has both some benefits and some drawbacks. What is Mixed Agriculture? A definition of mixed farming is farming that involves two or […]

Coconut Farming in India: Types, Purposes, and Advantages

Coconut farming is a consistently successful economic venture for Indian farmers. The Asian economy depends heavily on coconut. And tropical regions are where it is typically produced. India is also the third-largest exporter of coconuts, behind the Philippines and Indonesia. In addition to being extensively used, copra and coconut oil are also used in the […]

Maharashtra puts curbs on sugarcane supply to other states

Synopsis Erratic rainfall has led to a drought-like situation in Maharashtra, the country’s second-largest sugar producer, and it is likely to see a big drop in sugarcane yield. Lower availability of cane leads to competition among sugar factories for the crop, resulting in mills poaching cane in each other’s jurisdiction. Farmers prefer to sell sugarcane […]

The best foods to strengthen your immune system

Your diet has a big impact on how strong your immune system is. Your body’s health and strength are maintained by a robust immune system. And certainly, regular exercise does help you avoid disease and infections. But, when it comes to good nutrition, people often forget to include nutrient-rich foods in their daily meals. You […]

Adopting Africa as place to do agri can change world, alter food ecosystem: Sunil Mittal

Synopsis Adopting Africa as a place to do agriculture can change the world and alter food ecosystems, Sunil Bharti Mittal, Chair of B20 India Action Council on African Economic Integration. Mittal asserted that African voice in G20 is “absolutely important”. Adopting Africa as a place to do agriculture can change the world and alter food […]

India headed for driest August in over 100 years, summer crops at risk

Synopsis India is experiencing its driest August in over 100 years due, in part, to the El Nino weather pattern, according to sources. Weather officials have warned the lack of rainfall could damage yields of summer crops such as rice and soybeans, leading to higher prices and inflation, which is already at its highest level […]

Ways to improve agricultural productivity

Farm productivity is crucial for a variety of factors. By producing more food, raising productivity has an impact on income, labour migration, and market development in agriculture. Increased agricultural output improves the distribution of limited resources. Farming can be fruitful if you learn how to increase output. Farmers now have the opportunity to boost output […]

India to import tomatoes from Nepal amid surge in price, says Nirmala Sitharaman

Synopsis Union finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Thursday said that India will be importing tomatoes from Nepal, amid a record high surge in prices in the country. During her speech in Parliament, Sitharaman informed that the first lot of imports are likely to reach in Varanasi, Lucknow and Kanpur cities in northern India by Friday. […]

Over 4 lakh hectares brought under natural farming in 8 states: Govt

Synopsis About 4.09 lakh hectares have been brought under natural farming in eight states with Andhra Pradesh leading the group, according to Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar. The Centre is promoting natural farming through a sub-scheme, Bharatiya Prakritik Krishi Paddhati, under Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana. About 4.09 lakh hectares have been brought under natural farming […]