G20 technical workshop on climate resilient agriculture kicks off in Hyderabad

Synopsis The G20 Technical Workshop on “Climate Resilient Agriculture” has begun in Hyderabad, India, with the aim of discussing climate change challenges and promoting international cooperation to address climate-related agricultural issues. The workshop focuses on research needs and innovations for climate resilient agriculture and includes participants from G20 member states, guest-invited countries, and international organizations. […]

India Hopes September Rains to Clear the Cloud Over Food Supplies and Likely Rein in Price Spikes

India’s food ministry has said that the forecast for rain in the country this month should limit damage to crops, ensuring sufficient supplies. Rising food prices have been a major concern for the government, leading to restrictions on rice exports and the sale of state reserves. Wheat supplies are also sufficient, and the government is […]

Paddy acreage up; pulses, cotton drop

 Amid erratic monsoon rainfall, cultivation of essential crops such as pulses, oilseeds, and cotton declined, but the overall cultivated area increased due to a rise in paddy plantation. According to data from the agriculture ministry released on Friday, total kharif planting increased by 4.6% compared to last year, reaching 107.8 million hectares (mh). Paddy cultivation […]

The Significance of Weather Monitoring in Agriculture

We are all concerned about the weather. Not only do we wish for warm, sunny weather so that we can swim, enjoy nature, or carry out important farm tasks, but we also wish for rain so that we can water the plants or dance with an umbrella on the wet street. However, unlike in other […]

Supreme Court rejects centre’s plea to go ahead with release of GM mustard

Synopsis The Supreme Court has refused the Indian government’s request to proceed with the environmental release of genetically modified (GM) mustard. The court stated that the impact on the environment and ecology needs to be thoroughly examined. The additional solicitor general argued that allowing the release would have significant policy implications for food security, as […]

Need to boost crop productivity with new technologies: India’s G20 Sherpa Amitabh Kant

Synopsis Digitisation of agriculture, the technological transformation and innovation in the farm sector has been the central priority pushed in the Indian presidency in the GCO this year. India’s G20 Sherpa Amitabh Kant on Monday stressed on the need to boost crop productivity through adoption of new cutting-edge technologies and said the farm sector should […]

The Most Important Information About Organic Farming

Organic farming is a farming system that focuses on creating a healthy and sustainable production system by combining traditions, innovation, and science to protect the soil, environment, ecosystems, and people. In other words, it views high biodiversity standards in conjunction with thoughtful environmental practices in order to conserve naturally available resources, promote resource cycling, improve […]

Adopting Africa as place to do agri can change world, alter food ecosystem: Sunil Mittal

Synopsis Adopting Africa as a place to do agriculture can change the world and alter food ecosystems, Sunil Bharti Mittal, Chair of B20 India Action Council on African Economic Integration. Mittal asserted that African voice in G20 is “absolutely important”. Adopting Africa as a place to do agriculture can change the world and alter food […]

India headed for driest August in over 100 years, summer crops at risk

Synopsis India is experiencing its driest August in over 100 years due, in part, to the El Nino weather pattern, according to sources. Weather officials have warned the lack of rainfall could damage yields of summer crops such as rice and soybeans, leading to higher prices and inflation, which is already at its highest level […]

Onion auction to remain closed indefinitely in Nashik wholesale markets to protest 40% duty on export: Traders

Synopsis Onion auctions have shut indefinitely in all agriculture produce market committees (APMCs) in Maharashtra’s Nashik district to protest against India’s decision to impose a 40% duty on the staple’s exports. Traders said the government’s decision would harm onion growers in the state, and urged the government to provide onions through the public distribution system. […]