India to face challenges in balancing food security with sustainability

Even as India spends over USD 3 billion annually on agricultural innovation, of which only 4 percent has environment and social sustainability objectives, the country will continue to find it challenging to balance food goals without severe damage to its environment, according to a report. India spends over USD 3 billion annually (USD 25 billion for the […]

Haryana Bee Keeping Policy 2021: How It Will Help Farmers

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar introduced the Haryana Bee Keeping Policy-2021 and Action Plan 2021-2030 on Thursday to encourage beekeeping in the state.  By 2030, Khattar instructed the officers to increase honey output by tenfold. He also instructed officials to encourage farmers to begin successful beekeeping and to recruit 5,000 additional farmers to join the project, […]

Seedless Watermelon Varieties Developed By Kerala Agri University Becoming Popular

The seedless watermelon varieties developed by Kerala Agricultural University (KAU) is so good that it will compel you to start watermelon farming. These varieties are slowly becoming popular amongst farmers.  These hybrid cultivars, dubbed Shonima and Swarna, were cultivated in a freshly constructed polyhouse (10 cents) in Vellanikkara in Thrissur, using mulching, drip irrigation, and sowing seeds in raised beds covered […]

Agriculture is the Backbone of Economy: VP Venkaiah Naidu

Vice-President M Venkaiah Naidu on Sunday said that agriculture was the “backbone of our economy” and called for unshackling the potential of rural economy to ensure income security for farmers. “Agriculture is the basic culture of India. Half of the country today depends on agriculture. Our villages not only produce foodgrains but they also inculcate values and […]

Red Okra Variety Grown by Madhya Pradesh Farmer Is More Nutritious Than The Green One

A farmer in Madhya Pradesh is growing red okra (ladyfinger) in his garden. Middle-aged Misrilal Rajput hails from Bhopal district’s Khajuri Kalan area. He sowed the seeds in July and in just 40 days, the crop started growing and now his garden is filled with red pods. “It is more beneficial and nutritious than green […]

Agriculture minister Tomar launches national food and nutrition campaign

Narendra Singh Tomar said ICAR has been working successfully on which crops should be cultivated and which seeds should be invented for rainfed and other areas Union agriculture minister Narendra Singh Tomar on Thursday launched a national food and nutrition campaign for farmers. “Efforts are also being made to make agriculture and farmers connected with […]

Top 5 Combine Harvesters in India – Details Inside

India is the world’s largest agricultural country providing employment to more than half of the population. Farming also plays a vital role in the country’s economy, accounting for around 17% of overall GDP and employing more than 60% of the people. The majority of farming was done by hand or by human labor in the […]

Telangana govt launches ‘Saagu-Baagu’ to promote innovation in agriculture, horticulture

Taking one more step towards the launch of ‘Saagu-Baagu’ project that would revolutionise agriculture in Telangana, the State government has released an Expression of Interest (EoI) for selection of Project Implementation Partners (PIPs) which will build consortia and deploy a bouquet of solutions from several startups and tech-focused organisations, to establish proof of value and […]

India is now in the category of the world’s top agricultural exporters

Backed by the stupendous streak of reforms, India has entered the top 10 list of the countries exporting agricultural produce in the year 2019 with a sizable share in the export of rice, cotton, soya beans and meat. As per a report by World Trade Organization (WTO) on the trends in world agricultural trade in […]

Manipur’s Black Rice “Chak-Hao” Exported to Europe

On 12 August, one Metric Tonne of organic black rice Chak-Hao has been exported to Europe. Manipur Prime Minister N. Biren Singh flagged off the organic black rice consignment at an event held on 12 August at Imphal. He also flagged off vehicles carrying high-quality seeds for distribution to residents in various parts of the State affected by the destruction of poppy plantations by the government’s ‘war on drugs‘ campaign.  The CM tweeted, “The support extended by Govt. of India has enabled our farmers to export our products […]