Jeera, Sugar Prices Plummet Sharply on a Month-On-Month Basis in February; Increased Year-On-Year

The mandi prices of the aromatic kitchen ingredient jeera (cumin) saw a sharp month-on-month drop in wholesale prices by an average of Rs 1,091.5 per quintal across the key markets of India, according to the Agmarknet portal by the Union Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare on Monday (February 5). Similarly, wholesale sugar prices also declined by […]

How to Avoid Fertiliser Burn In the Summer?

It’s crucial for your company to keep beautiful, lush lawns, especially in the warm summer months when everyone wants to relax on their lawns. Regrettably, the summer heat can also stress turf and raise the risk of fertilizer-related lawn damage. Knowing the differences between nitrogen sources before selecting a fertiliser for summer lawn will help […]

Agriculture Ministry gets budget allocation of ₹ 1.27 lakh crore for FY2024–25

The government has allocated ₹ 1.27 lakh crore to the Ministry of Agriculture for 2024–25, slightly higher than the current fiscal. According to the budget, the agriculture ministry has been allocated ₹ 1,27,469.88 crore for the fiscal year 2024–25, of which the Department of Agriculture will receive ₹ 1,17,528.79 crore and the Department of Agricultural Research […]

Integration of smart farming technologies for a greener, smarter agri landscape

From ancient practices relying on man and animal power to the modern era, where technology has become an indispensable ally in our quest for sustainable, efficient farming, our agricultural practices have covered a long journey. This progression often termed the “agtech Revolution“, represents a pivotal shift towards more innovative, greener agricultural practices driven by the integration of cutting-edge technologies into […]

Which organic seeds should I buy?

Choosing organic seeds marks an essential first step towards embarking on a fulfilling gardening journey committed to preserving ecological balance, safeguarding biodiversity, and promoting sustainable living practices. With countless options available in today’s marketplace, selecting the right ones requires careful consideration and research. This comprehensive guide provides practical advice on how to identify high-quality organic […]

Rajasthan may see drop in mustard production during 2023-2024 crop season

Rajasthan, the country’s largest mustard-producing state, may see a drop in production during the 2023-2024 crop season, traders said. The state contributes about 45-49 per cent to India’s mustard production.Anil Chatar, joint secretary of the Mustard Oil Producers Association of India, said mustard sowing had increased in Uttar Pradesh (UP) but it declined in Rajasthan. […]

Union Budget 2024: FM Nirmala Sitharaman Highlights Need To Focus on ‘Annadata’

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman unveiled the interim budget for 2024 in today’s parliamentary session. Commencing her address, she provided a comprehensive overview of the government’s achievements over the past decades. Emphasising the current imperative, Sitharaman underscored the pivotal focus on the welfare of Gareeb (the poor), Mahilayein (women), Yuva (youth), and Annadata (farmers) in India. Furthermore, she underscored […]

Have you ever heard of Mango Farming?

Obviously! You must have heard because it is a fruit that you enjoy eating the most throughout the summer. And this is the fruit that reigns supreme over all others.   What is mango farming? In India, people regard the mango as a token of friendliness, and it symbolizes the love in our hearts. Mango farming […]

Soyabean, meal prices under pressure on rising global supplies

Prices of soyabean and soyameal have come under pressure with the rise in global supplies and fall in prices. In fact, the modal prices of the bean in various mandis of Madhya Pradesh are ruling below the minimum support price (MSP) levels. Trade feels that the Indian soyameal may be uncompetitive in the international market with the […]

Synthetic vs. Organic: Understanding the Key Differences

The debate between synthetic and organic products has been ongoing for decades, particularly when discussing food production methods. Both categories cater to different consumer preferences and values, with each having its own set of advantages and disadvantages. This article aims to provide an informative overview on what sets these two apart by diving into their […]