Grow Your Business With The KisanSabha App

Grow Your Business With The KisanSabha App

The agriculture industry, valued at US$370 billion, continues to be the primary source of income for more than 40% of the population and provides 19.9% of the national GDP. Despite its contribution, the sector remains mired in structural weaknesses that hinder growth and productivity. To address these difficulties and increase farmer incomes, Indian agriculture requires technology-aided modernization backed by robust changes – this is where agritech is expected to play a big role.

The stakeholders are finding the agriculture sector to be beneficial. Technological developments including the introduction of agri-tech solutions, the widespread use of affordable cell phones, and quicker internet connectivity are gradually changing how agriculture is practiced.

You may now find agri-tech businesses that concentrate on various facets of the agri value chain, such as farm inputs, logistics, or financing. Some facets of agribusiness, however, heavily rely on the element of trust. How often do you network with new traders and connect with agritech companies as an agri trader?  You need reliable counter parties when trading commodities with a value of lakhs. And this is where the KisanSabha app can help you.

The KisanSabha serves as a one-stop shop for all parties involved in agriculture, including farmers looking for a higher price for their products, mandi traders looking to connect with more farmers, and truckers who frequently leave the mandis with empty trailers.  The app is also useful for those who provide agricultural services, such as pesticide and fertilizer sellers who may connect with additional farmers.

The KisanSabha app was developed specifically to fulfill the needs of customers and providers throughout India. We have a strict verification procedure that makes sure reliable traders are successfully enrolled and provided the visibility and assistance they need to grow their businesses.

By utilizing the comprehensive onboarding process of the KisanSabha app, we were able to create a trustworthy network of certified Buyers and Suppliers across India. The ever-expanding network is accessible to every trader who registers with us.

Over 1 lakh people have downloaded the KisanSabha app and web in the three months since it launched to promote effective connectivity at the ground level. Over 818127 farmers, 30049 transporters, 1174 Mandi dealers, 9831 service providers, and over 7074 consumers are already making use of KisanSabha and benefiting from it.

KisanSabha recognizes that the majority of our users are new to technology and keeping this in mind, we designed a simple app that is available in 12 languages. We also have YouTube tutorial videos to help new users get acquainted with our app. KisanSabha is India’s most trusted agricultural trading app, serving as a hub for farmers, mandi dealers, transporters, mandi board members, service providers, and consumers, respectively

By integrating farmers into the digital world, the KisanSabha App is promoting behavioral changes in rural India.

 You can download the KisanSabha app –  from Google Playstore. You can contact us at 8181080000 or email us at for more details.

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