Government efforts to resolve problems in the farm sector: Tomar

Government efforts to resolve problems in the farm sector: Tomar

Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar stated on Wednesday that the administration is attempting to address the issues the nation’s agricultural sector is facing.

he minister was addressing the National Conference on Agriculture for Rabi Campaign 2022–23.

He emphasised that, according to estimates, foodgrain production increased by 5 million tonnes in the 2020–21 crop year, reaching 315.7 million tonnes in the 2021–22 crop year (July–June).

An official release stated that the rabi (winter-sown) season will provide 164.8 million tonnes of the 328 million tonnes national target for overall foodgrain output for the 2022–23 crop year.

The strategies would be to improve the area through intercropping, crop diversification, and productivity enhancement through the introduction of high yield varieties (HYVs), adoption of suitable agronomic practises in low-yielding regions, utilisation of residual moisture, early sowing, and lifesaving irrigation for rabi crops.

According to Tomar, the federal and state governments work together to fulfil their duties in the agricultural sector. There has been a lot of production work done in the nation, which has led to an increase in the production of food grains, pulses, and oilseeds.

“Today, the priority is to tackle and solve the challenges before agriculture,” he said.

Tomar brought up the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana, which has given farmers Rs. 1.22 lakh crore as compensation for the loss of their crops.

He claimed that this programme should be extended to all farmers since it will provide small farmers a sense of security. According to Tomar, chemical fertilisers are reducing soil production, which is why organic and natural farming are being encouraged. He stated that while the federal government is advancing the agriculture industry, state government also need to put more efforts into it.

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