Top 5 Combine Harvesters in India – Details Inside


India is the world’s largest agricultural country providing employment to more than half of the population. Farming also plays a vital role in the country’s economy, accounting for around 17% of overall GDP and employing more than 60% of the people. The majority of farming was done by hand or by human labor in the past. However, as the economy grew, so did this important sector. 

Today, it is done with the help of equipment and tractors, resulting in significant output and profit. Many machines have been developed to help the agriculture sector grow more productively.  

One of them is a Harvester. Harvester is a frequently used farming machine designed to harvest crops efficiently in the field. It’s excellent reaping, threshing, and winnowing combination. As a result, we might argue that a harvester has “many names.” Combine harvesters have nearly all of the desirable characteristics, making them perfect for crop cultivation. 

Best combine harvesters in India

Check out some of the best combine harvesters available in India;

Kartar 4000 Harvester

The Kartar 4000 harvester is a machine, which is sturdy and made in India. It is capable of handling any heavy and difficult farming tasks. The harvesting machine features a powerful engine and is self-propelled. It has shaper blades and a wide cutting breadth, resulting in refined grains. It was created to meet all of a farmer’s high-production needs. 

– The cutter bar of the machine is 14 feet wide. 

– This Kartar harvester is capable of harvesting multiple crops. A huge fuel tank is included with the machine. 

– It is constructed from high-quality materials. That is why it can withstand all of the harsh farming conditions. 

– This machine uses less fuel and produces excellent results. 

– In the fields, the harvester responds quickly. 

The pricing of the Kartar 4000 harvester is inexpensive, allowing you to save money. 

New Holland TC5.30 Harvester: 

This one is a New Holland TC5.30 harvester, which belongs to the New Holland brand. The equipment is robust and durable, and it performs well in the agricultural area. The equipment is designed with high-quality blades that allow for precise crop cutting. It is one of the best options for meeting all of a farmer’s farming needs. 

– The cutting bar width on the harvester machine is 14 feet. 

– It has a huge fuel tank, which reduces additional costs. 

– India’s top harvester features big engines. The engine does a good job while using less fuel. 

– This harvester machine can handle any type of crop. 

– It’s a multi-crop harvester that’s self-propelled. 

The New Holland TC5.30 harvester is ranked among the most cost-effective harvesters because of its low price. 

Kubota Harvesking DC-68G-HK Harvester 

Kubota is a popular multinational brand that is equally well-known in India. Kubota Harvesking DC-68G-HK Harvester is one of the company’s innovative harvester machines. It’s jam-packed with cutting-edge Japanese technology. As a result, it is regarded as very efficient equipment in India. 

– The multi-crop self-propelled equipment is ideal for all paddy crops. 

– Rice, sugarcane and other paddy crops are among them. 

– The most powerful engine was installed in the harvesting machine. The engine consumes less fuel while delivering strong performance. 

– The cutting bar width of the Kubota harvester machine is 900 x 1903 MM. 

– It boasts high-quality sharper blades that allow for effective fine grain cutting. 

-All of the paddy fields are simply handled by the equipment. 

The cost of the harvesting machine is minimal, making it India’s most popular combine harvester. 

Mahindra Arjun 605 Harvester

The Mahindra Arjun 605 harvester, a tractor-mounted multi-crop equipment, comes next. This harvester machine is capable of doing all harvesting tasks efficiently. It comes with a slew of innovative and cutting-edge features that guarantee a good return on investment. It has a high-hp engine, which makes it more powerful. 

– The cutter bar width of the Mahindra Arjun 605 harvester is 11.81 feet. The features allow for fine grain cutting. 

– The machine is powerful and features high-quality components. It works well for a variety of harvesting tasks. 

– It has the best air filter, which keeps the inner system clean. This functionality extends the life of the component. 

-The machine’s cooling water system prevents the inner system from overheating. 

Customers are constantly taken care of by the Mahindra brand. As a result, it offers all of the devices at a reasonable price. The best example is the Mahindra Arjun 605 harvester. 

Preet 987 Harvester 

The Preet 987 harvester, which is one of the most powerful harvesters. It performs well during harvesting activities. Threshing, winnowing, and reaping are all possible with this equipment. The preet harvester increases output while making work easier. It’s a self-propelled combine harvester that gets the job done quickly. The blades are of excellent quality. 

– The cutting bar width on the machine is 14 feet. 

– It has a powerful engine that makes it both efficient and strong. 

– The Preet 987 harvester meets all of a farmer’s needs. 

– The Preet 987 harvester machine is composed of high-quality materials, making it durable.  

This harvester equipment is especially well-liked because of its low price. The price of a harvester machine in India in 2021 is inexpensive, making it accessible to all farmers. 

Bottom Line: 

These are the top 5 combine harvester machines that are effective in harvesting. They have distinct attributes and characteristics that make them excellent for harvesting. 

If you want more details about any particular harvester, do let us know through the comment box given below.


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