The passion for fruits and their bright colours can never go away, and this love for rare fruits has made this young farmer based in Karnataka grow ‘Yellow Watermelons’. The tempting colour of these watermelons is making netizens go crazy. This watermelon’s yellow flesh and its sweet flavour will help you ditch the red watermelons you enjoy most.

Basavaraj Patil, a graduate and a new-generation farmer, is all set to take farming to a new level, according to a leading daily. After sharing his cultivation, this young farmer from Koralli village in Kalaburagi, Karnataka, has taken the internet by storm and said that the yellow watermelon is much sweeter than the normal one. 

There are summers around the corner and this special planting of yellow watermelons would be a treat for lovers of watermelons. Watermelon, one of the most loved fruits, because of its rich nutritional composition, allows for a great summer delight. These freshly grown watermelons look green from the outside, but when sliced open, they have yellow skin. The young farmer believes that the same nutrient structure occurs for yellow watermelons; the only difference is in the colour. 

This summer fruit has not only been enjoyed by food fanatics, from one of the most costly square watermelons to yellow watermelon, but has also provided more lucrative avenues for young farmers such as Patil. 

These taste more sweet than red watermelons,’ he shared his views to a leading digital newspaper. ‘ I spent Rs 2 lakhs and made a return in excess of Rs 3 lakhs. We should diversify our production of crops.’ 

He also shared his plans and existing tie-ups to market these yellow watermelons via the Big Bazaar and the nearby mart. He also expressed how little commitment and thoughts he learned from his growth and cultivation. As a young farmer, Twitter users are awestruck with his mind blowing creation and his intellectual efforts.


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