Despite being the Navaratra season, onion prices have gone up to Rs 70 per kg in the retail market. The price of potato is also increasing. It is being sold at Rs 50-60 per kg in retail. The supply of onions at the Azadpur wholesale market has been hit because of the rain in the areas where they are produced, including south India. The wholesale prices of onions have increased from Rs 20-30 to Rs 45-55 of late.

Srikant Mishra of Azadpur Union Traders Association said the supply of onions at the wholesale market had come down to almost half and there was no immediate hope of it improving. “On Thursday, the wholesale rate of onion ranged from Rs 40-60 per kg, which was Rs 25-40 per kg over a week ago,” said Mishra.

“Navaratra is a period when demand of onions dips because many families avoid eating onions during the nine days festival. Despite that, better-quality onions are being sold at Rs 70 and above. It may increase further,” said Md Firoz, a retailer in Laxmi Nagar.

Meanwhile, traders said the wholesale prices of potatoes that ranged from Rs 25-35 per kg 10 days ago, had gone up to Rs 40-50 per kg. “The supply of potatoes from Karnataka, which usually starts early October, has been hit this year due to unseasonal rains. The potato stocks were low due to rains in March-April in Punjab,” a trader said. A decline in potato prices is expected in a couple of weeks when its supply from Punjab starts during Diwali.


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