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Why in News

The CSIR-Central Road Research Institute (CSIR-CRRI), New Delhi has developed the Kisan Sabha App to connect farmers to the supply chain and freight transportation management system.

  • The app also intends to provide a robust supply chain management required to facilitate the timely delivery of the products at the best possible prices during the present situation of Covid-19.

Key Points

  • Aim:
    • Kisan Sabha aims to provide the most economical and timely logistics support to the farmers.
    • It also intends to increase the profit margins for farmers by minimizing interference of middlemen and directly connecting with the institutional buyers.
    • It will also help in providing best market rates of crops by comparing nearest mandis, booking of freight vehicles at cheapest cost thereby giving maximum benefit to the farmers.
  • Stakeholders Involved:
    • The app connects the farmers, transporters, Service providers (like pesticides/ fertilizer/ dealers, cold store and warehouse owner), mandi dealers, customers (like big retail outlets, online stores, institutional buyers) and other related entities for a timely and effective solution.
  • Function:
    • It acts as a single stop for every entity related to agriculture, be they a farmer who needs better price for the crops or mandi dealer who wants to connect to more farmers or truckers who invariably go empty from the mandis.
    • Kisan Sabha also provides a platform for people who want to buy directly from the farmers.

CSIR-Central Road Research Institute (CSIR-CRRI)

  • The Central Road Research Institute (CRRI) was established in 1952 as a constituent laboratory of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).
  • It is located in Delhi.
  • It is the premier national research organization for highways traffic and transport planning and all other allied aspects.
  • It carries out R&D in the areas of road and road transportation and provides the highest level of professional consultancy.

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